Totsuka Michitaro (1890-1966)

Photograph of Totsuka Michitaro at the surrender of Yokosuka

National Archives #80-G-K-6251

Cropped by author

Totsuka commanded 11 Combined Air Group, a training formation, when war broke out in the Pacific. He later commanded 12 Air Fleet and Northeast Area Fleet in the Bonins, and was commander of 1 Naval District (Yokosuka) at the time of the surrender.

Service record

1890-4-21   born
1910-7-18 Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 33rd in a class of 149. Assigned to CL Asama
1911-3-11   BC Kurama
1911-12-1 Ensign CL Naniwa
1912-7-31   Member, Gunnery School
1912-12-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1913-5-24   Gunnery School Basic Course
1913-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
CL Kasagi
1915-7-19   Destroyer Division 17
  DD Yamakaze
1916-12-1 Lieutenant Naval College B-Course
1917-5-1   Naval College Majored Course
1917-12-1   AP Koshu
1918-12-1   Staff, 3 Fleet
1919-12-1   CL Tsushima
1920-1-30   CL Mishima
1920-7-15   CL Hirado
1920-12-1   Naval Collage A-Course
1922-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
1923-6-11   CL Kiso
1923-10-15   Naval General Staffijn 11th air flotilla
1924-12-1   CL Iwate
1926-5-1   Staff, Bureau of Naval Affairs, Navy Ministry
1927-12-1 Commander  
1928-2-15   Trip to Europe, United States
1929-2-1   Staff, 3 Naval District
1931-11-14   Commander, CL Tama
1931-12-1 Captain  
1932-7-11   Chief, S3, N2, Naval General Staff
1935-12-2   Commander, CA Nachi
1936-11-16   Commander, Tateyama Air GroupNortheast Area Fleet
1937-7-11   Commander, 1 Combined Air Group
1937-12-1 Rear admiral

1938-12-15   Commander, Yokosuka Air Group
1939-10-20   Commander, Carrier Division 2
1940-11-1   Commander, Carrier Division 1
1941-4-10   Commander, 11 Combined Air Group
1941-10-15 Vice admiral
1943-5-18   Commander, 12 Air Fleet

Commander, Northeast Area Fleet
1944-9-15   Director, Naval Air Command
1945-5-1   Commander, 1 Naval District
1966-3-6   Dies


Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-7-9)

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