Tolland Class, U.S. Attack Cargo Ships

Photograph of Tolland-class attack cargo ship

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 78594


Tonnage 6318 displacement tons
Dimensions 459' by 63' by 26'
139.9m by 19.2m by 7.9m
Maximum speed       16.5 knots
Complement 395
Armament 1 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
4x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
12 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1-shaft General Electric geared turbine (6000 shp)
2 boilers
Bunkerage1982 tons fuel oil


16,200 nautical miles (30,000 km) at 10.5 knots

Dry cargo 4450 tons

The Tollands were completed in 1944-45. They were Maritime Commission standard C2-S-AJ3 hulls armed and manned by Navy crews for landing cargo on the beach during amphibious assaults. They carried 1 LCPLs, 8 LCM(3), and 15-16 LCVP with which to transport their cargo ashore. Their forward kingpost had two 5-ton and two 10-ton booms, and the fore and aft quadrupods each had two 35-ton and two 5-ton booms. Externally they resembled the Andromedas.

The Navy was happy enough with these ships that the last was not decommissioned until 1970.

Units in the Pacific:

Trego Arrived 1944-2-21
Tolland Arrived 1944-10-21
Shoshone Arrived 1944-11-11
Southampton       Arrived 1944-11-13
Suffolk Arrived 1944-12-18
Torrance Arrived 1944-12-24
Alamance Arrived 1945-1
Tate Arrived 1945-1-6
Towner Arrived 1945-1-10
Todd Arrived 1945-1-11
Tyrrell Arrived 1945-1-12
Caswell Arrived 1945-1-28
Lenoir Arrived 1945-1-28
New Hanover Arrived 1945-2-1
Trousdale Arrived 1945-2-2
Venango Arrived 1945-2-8
Valencia Arrived 1945-2-17
Prentiss Arrived 1945-4-1
Vinton Arrived 1945-4-2
Waukesha Arrived 1945-4-2
Seminole Arrived 1945-4-15
Woodford Arrived 1945-5-5
Union Arrived 1945-6-3



Friedman (2002)

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