Tench Class, U.S. Submarines

Photograph of Tench-class submarine

U.S. Navy. Via


Tonnage 1570 tons standard displacement surfaced
2416 tons standard displacement submerged
Dimensions 311'11" by 27'4" by 16'5"
95.07m by 8.33m by 5.00m
Maximum speed      20 knots surfaced
8.75 knots submerged
To 400 feet
To 120 meters
Complement 81
Armament 1 5"/25 AA gun
1 40mm Bofors AA gun
1 20mm Oerlikon AA gun
2 0.50 machine guns
10 21" torpedo tubes (28 torpedoes)
2-shaft diesel (5400 shp) or electric (2740 shp)
Bunkerage 193.9 tons diesel oil (normal)
361.5 tons diesel oil (maximum)
Range 16,000 nautical miles (20,000 km) at 10 knots surfaced
96 nautical miles (188 km) at 2 knots submerged

The Tenches were completed in 1945, with just two units ready in time to conduct war patrols.  They were similar to the Gatos with strengthened hulls and other improvements.

The design dated to 1943 as the second redesign of the Gatos (the first redesign was the Balaos, with relatively simple changes to increase the hull thickness and dive depth.) The most important change was the rearrangement of the tank layout to eliminate vent risers in the torpedo rooms that were considered a dangerous point of vulnerability under depth charge attack. Another innovation was a "variable" fuel tank to increase endurance that was capable of withstanding water pressure. A new slow-speed electric motor was developed that could be coupled directly to the propeller shafts, eliminating gear whine that was a major source of noise. This motar was also retrofitted to a number of Gatos and Balaos both during and after the war.

Units in the Pacific:


Arrived 1944-12-27
Tigrone Arrived 1945-1-23
Tirante Arrived 1945-2
Trutta Arrived 1945-2-10
Torsk Arrived 1945-2-25
Toro Arrived 1945-3-15

Arrived 1945-3-27


Alden (1979)


Friedmann (1995)

Worth (2001)

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