T'ang En-po (1899-1954)

Photograph of T'ang En-po

Wikimedia Commons

T'ang En-po (Tang Enbo) was a Whampoa veteran and one of the better Chinese generals. Ironically, he had attended the Japanese military academy. At the battle of Taierzhuang, T'ang led 20 Army, which cut off the Japanese retreat and nearly destroyed 10 Division. However, T'ang initially showed considerable reluctance to risk his artillery by closing with the Japanese at Taierzhuang.

T'ang commanded the Kuomintang 31 Army Group in December 1941.

In 1949, during the final stages of the civil war, Chiang Kai-shek appointed T'ang governor of Fukien province, across the straits from Formosa (Taiwan), in anticipation of the final Kuomintang retreat.

Dorn (1974), who was generally acid in his criticism of Chinese generals, described T'ang as "courageous, intelligent, and aggressive." On the other hand, T'ang was indifferent to the suffering of Chinese peasants during the terrible Honan famine of 1943, and he was accused of both corruption and cowardice during the initial defense against the Ichi-go campaign.

Service record


Born in Chekiang province

Commander, Frontline Forces, Taiyuan Pacification Headquarters
Lieutenant general       
Commander, 13 Army and 20 Army

Commander, 31 Army Group

Deputy commander, 1 War Area

Deputy commander, 4 War Area

Commander, 3 Front Army


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