Taki-1 Airborne Radar


150 cm (Models 1-3)
200 cm (Model 4)
Pulse width
5 microseconds
Pulse repetition frequency     
1000 Hz (Models 1-3)
250 Hz (Model 4)
Peak power
10 kW
Range 8 nautical miles (15 km) on submarine
30 nautical miles (60 km) on large warships
55 nautical miles (100 km) on fleet
Model 1 and 3: 3 Yagis mounted on nose and wings
Model 2: 1-element Yagi on nose and 2x2 array on each side of fuselage
Model 4: 4-element Yagi in nose, 2x2 array on each side of fuselage
A scope
Production: 900 of Model 1 and 2 from 1943-9
About 300 Model 3 and, from 1945-6, Model 4

The Taki-1 was the Japanese Army's airborne radar, also known as Kijo-yo Dempa Keikai-ka. It was originally intended for use in heavy bombers. Only Models 2 and 4 saw extensive operational use. Models 1-3 were very similar in design.


Grunden (2005)

Nakagawa (1997)

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