Takasu Shiro (1884-1944)

Photograph of Takasu Shiro

Japanese Navy Ministry

Via Wikimedia Commons

Takasu Shiro had commanded a Japanese carrier division in the Shanghai battle of 1937 and had subsequently served as president of the Naval War College. He was in command of 1 Fleet when war broke out in the Pacific. His ships sat at anchor during most of the early months of the war, held in reserve for the Decisive Battle that dominated Japanese naval strategic thinking. However, he sortied to provide distant cover to the Aleutian invasion force during the Midway campaign.

By late 1942 Takasu had been relegated to command of Southwest Area Fleet. Returned to Tokyo in mid-1944, he died in September of that year from "disease contracted at the front".

Service record

1907-11-20 Midshipman
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 10th in a class of 172. Assigned to CL Itsukushima
1908-7-28   CL Akashi
1908-12-25 Ensign  
1910-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Gunnery School Basic Course
1911-4-20   Torpedo School Basic Course
1911-8-4   BB Aki
1912-5-22   CL Adzuma
1913-5-1   BC Tsukuba
1913-12-1 Lieutenant Naval College B-Course
1914-5-27   Gunnery School Advanced Course
1914-12-1   BB Kawachi
1915-12-7   CL Tokiwa
1916-12-1   Instructor, Gunnery School
1917-12-1   Naval College A-Course
1919-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
1 Naval District
1920-12-1   Staff, Bureau of Personnel, Navy Ministry
1922-2-15   Resident in United Kingdom
1923-6-1   Assistant Attache, United Kingdom
1923-12-1 Commander  
1924-11-1   Executive officer, CL Iwate
1926-9-15   Instructor, Naval College
1928-12-10 Captain  
1929-11-27   Commander, CL Isuzu
1930-12-1   Attache, United Kingdom
1933-3-10   Navy General Staff
1933-11-15   Chief of staff, 3 Fleet
1934-11-15 Rear admiral
Chief, N3, Navy General Staff
1936-12-1   Commander, Carrier Division 1
1937-12-1   Commander, Training FLeet
1938-8-1   Commander, Manchuria Expeditionary Force
1938-11-15 Vice admiral
Director, Naval College
1939-9-29   Commander, 5 Fleet
1939-11-15   Commander, 2 China Fleet
1940-11-15   Commander, 4 Fleet
1941-8-11   Commander, 1 Fleet
1942-7-14   Navy General Staff
1942-9-15   Commander, Southwest Area Fleet
1944-3-1 Admiral  
1944-6-18   Supreme War Council
1944-9-2   Dies from disease contracted at the front


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