Tachikawa Hikoki K.K.

Tachikawa Hikoki K.K. (Tachikawa Airplane Co Ltd) was a small manufacturer that expanded considerably after 1941. The original plant at Tachikawa, which expanded 13-fold, was joined by new plants at Okayama (1942) and Kofu (1944). The company designed the Ki-36 "Ida" cooperation plane and Ki-54 "Hickory" and Ki-55 "Ida" trainers and produced the Ki-43 "Oscar" fighter under license. The LO "Thelma" was a derivative of a Lockheed design modified to take Mitsubishi engines.

Total production from 1941 to 1945 was 6645 airframes, including 3130 combat aircraft, making Tachikawa the fourth leading manufacturer of airframes in Japan, with 9.5% of the total production.


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