T1 Class, U.S. Gasoline Tankers

Photograph of Patapsco-class gasoline tanker

Naval Historical Center #NH 83319


Tonnage 1850 tons light
4130 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 311' by 49' by 14'7"
94.79m by 14.94m by 4.45m
Maximum speed       15.5 knots
Complement 124
2-shaft diesel-electric (3300 shp)
4 boilers
303 tons
Capacity 2120 tons

The T1s were Maritime Commission standard tankers completed from 1943-1945. Most either went to the Navy or to the British as Lend-Lease.

There were a number of subtypes within the class. The T1-MT-M1s had the specifications shown above and were all commissioned by the Navy as the Patapsco class. The T1-M-A1s were somewhat smaller at 1600 tons cargo capacity and were almost all given to Britain.  The T1-M-A2s were smaller still at 1453 tons capacity, had only a single propeller, and were mostly commissioned as the Mettawee class. Other subtypes were either very few in number or were not completed in time to see service in the Pacific.

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