Stranraer, British Flying Boat

Photograph of Supermarine Stanraer

Canadian Forces


Dimensions 54'9" by 85' by 21'10"
16.69m by 25.91m by 6.65m
Weight 11,250-19,000 lbs
5100-8600 kg
Maximum speed       165 mph
265 km/h
Service ceiling 18,500 feet
5600 meters
Power plant 2 686 kW (920 hp) Bristol Pegasus X radial piston engines
Armament 1 0.30 Lewis fixed nose machine gun
1 0.30 Lewis flexible dorsal machine gun
1 0.30 Lewis flexible tail machine gun
External stores 6500 lbs (2900 kg) of bombs
Endurance 9 hours 36 minutes

The Supermarine Stranraer was selected by the Royal Canadian Air Force as its principal coastal patrol aircraft. About 40 were constructed by Canadian Vickers under license. Already out of service in Britain by the end of 1941, eight of these biplane flying boats were still in service in Canada when war broke out in the Pacific, and they were not retired until February 1945. The craft was known by some crews as "The Whistling Bird Cage" due to its many bracing wires.


Canada's Air Force (accessed 2011-7-4) (accessed 2011-7-4)

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