SS Class, Japanese Supply Submarines

Photograph of SS-class submarines

National Archives #80-G-339846


Tonnage 370 tons standard displacement
429 tons surfaced
493 tons submerged
Dimensions 144'4" by 20'0" by 13'3"
44.0m by 6.1m by 4.0m
Maximum speed       10 knots surfaced
5 knots submerged
Dive To 350 feet
To 110 meters
Complement 21
Armament 1 25mm/76 machine gun
1-shaft diesel (400 hp) or electric (150 hp)
Range 3000 nautical miles (5600 km) at 10 knots surfaced
45 nautical miles (83 km) at 2.3 knots submerged
Cargo 60 tons or 3530 cubic feet (100 cubic meters)

The SS  or Sen-Yu-Sho were small supply submarines of simple construction and limited endurance designed to deliver vital supplies to isolated garrisons. They were built in response to heavy losses of the larger D2 type. Their modular design, with all-welded construction, allowed a unit to be completed in as little as five months. They had a primitive anechoic coating applied to their conning towers, and some units were equipped with snorkels. However, they proved unable to deliver enough supplies to vitiate the Allied island hopping strategy. All were surrendered to the Allies at the end of the war, and most were scuttled by the Americans within a year.

An additional two units were not completed, and another 88 units were ordered but never laid down.

Units in the Pacific:


Completed 1944-11-22 (Kawasaki-Tanagawa)      

Ha-102 Completed 1944-12-6 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
Ha-103 Completed 1945-2-3 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
Ha-104 Completed 1944-12-1 (Kawasaki-Tanagawa)      
Ha-105 Completed 1945-2-19 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
Ha-106 Completed 1944-12-15 (Kawasaki-Tanagawa)      
Ha-107 Completed 1945-2-7 (Kawasaki-Tanagawa)      
Ha-108 Completed 1945-5-6 (Kawasaki-Tanagawa)      
Ha-109 Completed 1945-3-10 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
Ha-111 Completed 1945-7-13 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      


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