Spokane (117.323W 47.683N) was founded in 1873 and became an important rail junction with the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1811. The discover of gold in nearby Coeur D'Alene swelled the population and by 1909 the city briefly became the largest west of Minneapolis.

In 1941 the city was the site of a major Air Corps base at Felts Field (with a subsidiary airstrip at Geiger Field.) 39 Heavy Bomber Group with 24 B-17s was based here when war broke out.

Geiger Field became a training base for aviation engineers.

American engineer units arriving at Geiger Field

931 Engineer Aviation Regiment
Arrived 1943-6-20

933 Engineer Aviation Regiment
Arrived 1944-6-16

935 Engineer Aviation Regiment     
Arrived 1944-12-14

The city also became the location of a major inland Navy supply depot.

Rail connections

Coeur D'Alene




Climate Information:

Elevation: 2347'

Temperatures: Jan 33/22, Apr 60/38, Jul 84/56, Oct 60/38, record 108/-30

Rainfall: Jan 14/2.1, Apr 9/1.1, Jul 4/0.6 Oct 8/1.1 == 16.1" per annum

References (accessed 2011-7-2)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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