Shizuoka (138.50E 35.01N) is a port on Ise Bay southwest of Tokyo. It was the headquarters of a regimental district of 3 Division. The population in 1945 was about 212,200 persons.

Photograph of Shizuoka after fire bombing

Wikimedia Commons

A newly opened Mitsubishi aircraft engine factory in Shizuoka was bombed on 27 November 1944 by radar and to little effect. An attack by 11 B-29s on 12 April 1945 destroyed 86% of the roof area of the factory. The city was fire bombed on 19 June 1945 with destruction of 2.25 square miles (5.82 km2) or 66% of the city.

Rail connections




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"Handbook on Japanese Military Forces" (1944-9-15; accessed 2011-6-30)

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