Shinyo, Japanese Escort Carrier

Photograph of escort carrier Shinyo

IJN. Via Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 17,500 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 621'3" by 84'0" by 26'10"
189.36m by 25.60m by 8.18m
Maximum speed       22 knots
Complement 942
Aircraft 590'6" (180.0m) flight deck
33 aircraft
Armament 4x2 5"/40 dual-purpose guns
10x3 25mm/60 AA guns
2-shaft geared turbine (26,000 shp)
Type 21 radar
Modification Early 1944: 42 25mm guns
1944-7: 50 25mm guns

The Shinyo was converted from the passenger liner Scharnhorst which was caught in the Far East in late 1939. She was purchased by the Japanese Navy and converted using steel from the cancelled fourth Yamato. Her conversion was completed on 15 December 1943, and she was used thereafter principally for training new carrier pilots. She was torpedoed on 17 November 1944 by Spadefish 140 nautical miles northeast of Shanghai.

Curiously, the Germans planned to convert her sister, the Gneisenau, to a small carrier. These plans were never carried out.


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