Shimizu Mitsumi (1888-1971)

Photograph of Shimizu Mitsumi

Prange (1981). Fair use may apply.

Shimizu Mitsumi was commander of 6 Fleet, the Japanese submarine force, at the start of the Pacific War. He was an odd choice: Though considered extremely intelligent, he had no experience in submarines, having spent his entire career in cruisers and battleships. His submarine forces operated close to Allied ports to attack warships, a strategy that proved as unsuccessful for the Japanese as for the Allies.

Shimizu was wounded in the early Allied raids on the Marshalls, in February 1942. In July 1942 Shimizu transferred to command of 1 Fleet, the main Japanese battleship force.

Prange (1981) describes Shimizu as "a handsome man of calm and dignified presence." He was widely regarded as a friendly, competent officer.

Service record

1888-3-16   Born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 24th in a class of 191. Assigned to CL Soya
1909-8-2   BB Katori
1909-12-1   CL Hashidate
1910-1-15 Ensign  
1910-3-1   BC Ikoma
1910-6-27   BB Sagami
1911-8-4   Gunnery School Basic Course
1911-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
1911-12-20   Torpedo School Basic Course
1912-4-24   DD Ariake
1913-12-1   Yokosuka Sailor Corps
1914-12-1 Lieutenant Naval College B-Course
1915-5-26   Torpedo School Advanced Course
1915-12-13   Staff, Battleship Division 2
1916-12-1   Staff, 3 Fleet
1917-12-17   Instructor, Torpedo School
1918-12-1   Naval College A-Course
1920-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Staff, 1 Fleet
1922-5-1   Instructor, Torpedo School
1923-12-1   Staff, Bureau of Education, Navy Ministry
1925-12-1 Commander Executive officer, AS Jingei
1926-12-1   Staff, 3 Naval District
1929-2-15   Trip to Europe, United States
1929-11-30 Captain  
1930-2-5   Chief, S2, Bureau of Naval Affairs, Navy Ministry
1931-5-1   Commander, CL Tama
1931-12-1   Chief, S1, Bureau of Personnel, Navy Ministry
1934-4-1   Navy General Staff
1934-11-1   Commander, BB Ise
1935-10-31   Chief of staff, 3 Naval District
1935-11-15 Rear admiral
1936-12-1   Director, Bureau of Personnel, Navy Ministry
1938-12-15   Cruiser Division 7
1939-5-20   Cruiser Division 6
1939-11-15 Vice admiral
Navy General Staff
1940-6-1   Commander, Training Fleet
1940-9-30   Commander, 3 China Fleet
1941-7-21   Commander, 6 Fleet
1942-3-16   Navy General Staff
1942-7-14   Commander, 1 Fleet
1943-10-20   Navy General Staff
1971-5-5   Dies


Carpenter and Polmar (1986)

Fuller (1992)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-4-3)

Prados (1995)

Prange (1981)

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