Serdang, Dutch Minelayer


Tonnage 820 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 176'10" by 31' by 12'1"
53.9m by 9.4m by 3.7m
Maximum speed       13 knots
Complement 97
Armament 2 4.1"/50 guns
1 75mm/60 AA gun
4 machine guns

If any warship could be described as a rust bucket, the Serdang would be it. Completed before the turn of the century, she was converted to a minelayer in 1921. She was most likely at Surabaya when war broke out. She apparently served principally as a torpedo repair ship, and was scuttled 6 March 1942 near Surabaya to avoid capture.

References (accessed 2008-6-2)

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