Photograph of central Seoul in 1940

Myers and Peattie (1984). Fair use may apply.

Seoul (126.977E 37.563N) was the capital of Korea and headquarters of Korea Army, with a population of about 1.1 million persons. There was an airfield at Kimpo.

The Seoul region exported an average of 835,000 tons of rice per year to Japan during the war years. Prewar exports were about double this in good years.

The city was also allegedly the location of an opium and narcotics factory supporting Kwantung Army's drug trafficking in Manchuria and China.

Rail connections




Climate Information:

Elevation 285'

Temperatures: Jan 32/15, Apr 62/41, Jul 84/70, Oct 67/45, record 99/-12

Rainfall: Jan 8/1.2, Apr 8/3.0, Jul 16/14.8, Oct 7/1.6 == 49.2" per annum


IMTFE Judgement (1948; accessed 2011-5-7)

Pearce and Smith (1990) (accessed 2014-6-8)

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