Sen-ho Class, Japanese Submarines

Photograph of Sen-ho class submarine

Wikipedia Commons



2650 tons standard displacement
3512 tons surfaced
4290 tons submerged


360'10" by 33'3" by 20'1"
110.0m by 10.1m by 6.1m

Maximum speed      

15.8 knots surfaced
6.3 knots submerged

Dive to 300 feet
to 90 meters


77 crew
13 aircrew


4 76mm mortars
2x2, 3x1 25mm/60 AA guns
4 21" torpedo tubes (4 torpedoes)


13,000 nautical miles (24,000 km) at 14 knots surfaced
100 nautical miles (190 km) at 3 knots submerged

2-shaft diesel (3700 bhp) or electric (1200 shp)
Bunkerage 590 tons fuel oil
365 tons aviation gasoline
Cargo 11 tons water plus 60 550 lb (250 kg) bombs or 30 550 lb bombs and 15 aircraft torpedoes

The Sen-hos, also known as the I-351 class, were designed as flying boat tenders, capable of refueling and rearming three flying boats. The original deck armament was to include a 5.5" gun, but these were in short supply and trench mortars were supplied instead. Four submarine torpedoes for reloading could be loaded in place of four of the aircraft torpedoes. The boats were fitted with snorkels.

We list only the unit that was actually completed.  Another was launched but not completed and four others planned but never laid down.

Units in the Pacific:


Completed 1945-1-28 (Kure)      

Torpedoed 1945-7-14 near 110E 4.5N by Bluefish


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