SC2 Search Radar

Photograph of SC-2 radar antenna

National Archives #19-N-53412


Wavelength 1.5 m
Pulse Width 4 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
60 Hz
Scan rate 5 rotations per minute
Power 20 kW
Range 80 nautical miles (150 km) (bomber)
40 nautical miles (70 km) (fighter)
20 nautical miles (40 km) (battleship)
15' by 4'6" (4.6m by 1.4m) 6x2 dipole array
Accuracy 100 yards/3 degrees
90 meters/3 degrees
Resolution 1500 feet/10 degrees
460 meters/10 degrees
Altitude accuracy 2000 feet
600 meters
3000 lbs
1360 kg
Production: 450 -2 completed by 12/43
450 -3 and -4 by 12/44

The SC-2 was the chief destroyer radar of the war, and models remained in use until 1963.  It used the same set as an SK but a smaller antenna (15' by 4'6" or 4.6m by 1.4m, composed of 6x2 dipoles) that sacrificed altitude resolution and power in return for a lighter weight. Like the SK, it had a PPI display, integral IFF, and (in later marks) antijamming features.


Buderi (1998)

Friedman (1981)

Roberts (1982)

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