Sato Namizo (1890-1947)

Sato was a torpedo and mine warfare expert who held primarily staff positions during the Pacific War. However, he helped plan the defense of Tarawa, and later in the war he briefly commanded 5 Convoy Headquarters.

Service record

1890-7-6   born
1911-7-18 Midshipman
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 64th in a class of 148.  Assigned to CL Soya
1912-3-29   BB Aki
1912-12-1 Ensign  
1914-8-18   Armored ship Okinoshima
  Awaiting assignment
1914-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
Torpedo School Basic Course
1915-5-26   Gunnery School Basic Course
1915-12-13   BB Kashima
1916-12-1   DD Yugure
1917-7-2   3 Naval District
1917-12-1   Naval College B-Course
1918-4-15   Torpedo School Advanced Course
1918-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Specialist Course
1919-12-1   DD Ariake
1920-12-1   Instructor, Torpedo School
1922-12-1   Naval College A-Course
1924-12-1 Lieutenant commander
Staff, Bureau of Mine Research, Yokosuka Navy Yard
1925-8-1   Awaiting assignment
1926-7-1   1 Naval District
1927-11-1   Instructor, Torpedo School
1929-3-10   Staff, Bureau of Mine Research, Yokosuka Navy Yard
1929-11-5   Staff, Ominato Guard District
1930-12-1 Commander  
1931-4-1   Staff, S3, N2, Navy General Staff
1931-12-1   Staff, Bureau of Mine Research, Yokosuka Navy Yard
1933-1-20   Navy General Staff
1934-8-1   Executive officer, CL Naka
1934-11-6   Commander, AP Seito
1935-11-15 Captain Commander, CM Okinoshima
1937-1-18   1 Naval District
1937-4-1   Chief of staff, Ominato Guard District
1938-12-15   Commander, Kure Guard Force
1939-11-15   Chief, Bureau of Mine Research, Yokosuka Navy Yard
1941-1-8   Trip to Germany
1941-10-15 Rear admiral
1941-10-20   Schoolmaster, Mine Warfare School
1944-1-20   Staff, Maritime Escort Fleet
1944-4-8   Commander, 5 Convoy  Headquarters
1944-4-15   Staff, Maritime Escort Fleet
1944-12-15   Awaiting assignment
1947-4-8   Dies


Alexander (1995)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2009-3-2)

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