Digital relief map of Satawan

Satawan (153.732E 5.326N) is an atoll in the central Carolines, located about 180 miles (290 km) southeast of Truk. It was also known to Westerners as Mortlock Islands. The Japanese built a small airfield on Satawan islet.

Some versions of the American contingency plan for war with Japan, Plan Orange, called for Satawan to be seized as an intermediate base for a drive across the Pacific to relieve the Philippines.

The atoll was heavily bombarded by nine heavy cruisers under Jesse Oldendorf on 30 April 1944, largely as "a welcome change to the crews of the ships participating," who had suffered numerous false alerts while escorting carrier strikes. There was no return fire and the only damage observed was the destruction of an ammunition dump and a fuel storage tank. The island was then bypassed by the Allied counteroffensive.


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