San Jose

There are three cities of significance named San Jose in the Pacific arena.

Photograph of parade in San Jose, California, 1908

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 1116

San Jose, California. The first is an American city located at the south end of San Francisco Bay (121.884W 37.345N) that was important as a rail and agricultural center.

Rail connections

Moffett Field

New Almaden



San Jose, Mindoro. The second is the principal city of the island of Mindoro, just south of Luzon in the Philippines (121.087E 12.347N), with a small port sheltered by Ilin Island and an airstrip. Elements of 6 Army landed here on 15 December 1944, found no significant ground opposition, and constructed operational airbases within two weeks.

The American bases were bombarded for twenty minutes in February 1945 by a cruiser-destroyer force under Kimura Masatome, who brilliantly penetrated the American defenses and got away with the loss of a single destroyer.

San Jose, Luzon. The third is a city in the central plain of Luzon (120.990W 15.792N), important as the northern terminus of a rail line leading back to Cabanatuan. During the second Luzon campaign, 10 Division was ordered by 41 Army to defend a line between San Jose and Tayug, but its commander, Okamoto Yasayuji, believed his understrength division could not hold the line assigned, and he chose to concentrate elsewhere. This left the strategically important railhead virtually undefended.


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