U.S. Air Force

Salamaua (147.045E 7.057S) is a small anchorage on the northern coast of New Guinea, located about 25 miles (40 km) south of Lae.  It had extremely limited facilities in 1941.  The area was occupied by the Japanese on 7 March 1942.

162 Regimental Combat Team landed at Nassau Bay (147.12E -7.29S) south of Salamaua on 30 June 1943, following the victory at BunaMacArthur hoped the threat to Salamaua would draw Japanese forces away from Lae, which was his real objective. The invasion force consisted of four PT boats and three dozen landing craft manned by 3 Engineer Special Brigade. Additional waves of troops were brought in on 4 and 6 July. By 3 July the Americans had joined up with Australian 17 Brigade from Wau. The town fell to Australian 5 Division on 12 September 1943.


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