Ryuho, Japanese Light Carrier

Photograph of Ryuho
Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 13,360 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 707'6" by 64'3" by 21'9"
215.65 by 19.58m by 6.63m
Maximum speed       26.5 knots
Complement 989
Aircraft 607' (185 meter) flight deck
2 elevators
31 aircraft
Armament 4x2 5"/40 dual-purpose guns
6x3, 20x1 25mm AA guns
0.5" (13mm) deck over machinery and magazines
2-shaft geared turbines (52,000 shp)
4 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 2900 tons fuel oil
Range 8,000 nautical miles (15,000km) at 18 knots

By 1943 she had 42 25mm guns and 6 13mm/76 machine guns.

In June 1944 the armament was increased to 61 25mm guns, 28 13mm guns, 6x28 rocket launchers, and 6 depth charges and the flight deck was extended to 670' (204.2m).

1944: Type 21 radar added.

The Ryuho was converted from submarine tender Taigei, which was part of Japan's "shadow fleet" of auxiliaries designed for rapid conversion to carriers in the event of war. She was recommissioned as a flush-deck light carrier on 28 November 1942. She proved unsuccessful, having poor internal subdivision and a weak hull, and she remained underpowered even after her original diesel engines were replaced with destroyer turbines.

Her conversion was delayed by bomb damage inflicted by the Doolittle raiders, which was possibly the most concrete material damage inflicted by that raid.

Ryuho was crippled by aircraft on 19 March 1945 at Kure and not repaired.


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