Royal Australian Air Force

Photograph of RAAF pilots and aircraft at Singapore

Wikimedia Commons

The Royal Australian Air Force was highly professional but by late 1941 it had sent many of its best pilots to Britain for the European war.  Most of what was left was deployed to Malaya as war approached.

By the end of the war, the RAAF had deployed 15,746 aircrew to British squadrons and 11,641 to Australian squadrons. Total strength at the end of the war was 131,662 air and ground personnel and 3,187 first-line aircraft.

Australian order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Royal Australian Air Force (at Sydney)

2 Squadron (at Darwin)

8 Hudson II
4 Hudson II (at Penofi)

12 Squadron

12 Wirraway

13 Squadron

6 Hudson II
6 Hudson II (at Pattimura)

4 Squadron (at Canberra)

12 Wirraway

5 Squadron (at Laverton)

12 Wirraway

6 Squadron (at Laverton)

6 Hudson II
6 Hudson II (at Richmond)

9 Squadron (at Richmond)

5 Seagull

22 Squadron (at Richmond)

17 Wirraway

11 Squadron (at Port Moresby)

6 PBY Catalina

20 Squadron (at Port Moresby)

6 PBY Catalina

14 Squadron (at Pearce)

12 Hudson II

25 Squadron (at Pearce)

18 Wirraway

23 Squadron (at Archerfield)

12 Wirraway

24 Squadron (at Rabaul)

12 Wirraway Miller makes it 7 Wirraway


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