Rigel, U.S. Repair Ship

Photograph of repair ship Rigel

U.S. Navy. Via


Tonnage 9245 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 424' by 54' by 18'
129.2m by 16.4m by 5.5m
Maximum speed       8 knots
Complement 482
Armament 1 5"/51 gun
4 3"/50 AA guns
1-shaft geared turbine (2500 shp)
1406 tons
Armament was eventually upgraded by removing the 5" gun and shipping 4x2 40mm Bofors antiaircraft guns, and 6x2 20mm Oerlikon antiaircraft guns

The Rigel was a United Fruit liner converted in 1922 to a destroyer tender. It was redesignated a repair ship in 1941. Rigel was at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack but survived the war.


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