Photograph of Richmond shipyard complex

Richmond Public LIbrary. Fair use may apply.

Richmond (122.346W 37.915N)  in 1940 was a rural community near Oakland with a population of just 23,000 persons. It became the site of a giant Kaiser shipyard complex producing ships for the Maritime Commission. This resulted in explosive growth, and the Maritime Commission was compelled to fund road improvements and the construction of 10,000 apartment units. Another 20,000 units were constructed by other government agencies and by private industry

Richmond Shipyard was run by Kaiser Shipbuilding Company for the Maritime Commission and had ten ways by late 1941. By the end of the war there were four separate shipyards at Richmond with a total of 27 ways, and the yards produced 35% of all cargo ships launched from the West Coast

Production schedule, Richmond

AK Crater Completed 1942-10-31 
AK Adhara completed 1942-11-11 
AK Carina completed 1942-12-1 Victory Ships
AK Aludra completed 1942-12-4 
AK Cassiopeia      
completed 1942-12-8 
AK Celeno Completed 1943-1-2 
AK Cetus Completed 1943-1-17 
AK Deimos Completed 1943-1-23
AK Draco Completed 1943-2-16 
AK Albireo Completed 1943-3-29 
AK Cor Caroli Completed 1943-4-16 
AK Lyra Completed 1943-7-22 
ARL Amycus converted 1943-7-30 
AK Ganymede Completed 1943-7-31 
AP General G.A.Squier      
Completed 1943-10-2 
AK Alioth Completed 1943-10-25 
AK Alkes Completed 1943-10-28 
AK Azimech Completed 1943-10-29 
PF Tacoma Completed 1943-11-6 
AP Prince Georges
completed 1943-11-10 
AK Arided Completed 1943-11-23 
AK Alnitah Completed 1943-11-27 
PF Albuquerque Completed 1943-12-20 
AK Cheleb Completed 1944-1-1 
PF Everett Completed 1944-1-22 
PF Pocatello Completed 1944-2-18 
AP General T.H.Bliss Completed 1944-2-24 
PF Sausalito Completed 1944-3-4 
PF Grand Forks Completed 1944-3-18 
PF Casper Completed 1944-3-31 
AP General H.L.Scott Completed 1944-4-3 
PF Pasco Completed 1944-4-15 
PF Hoquiam Completed 1944-5-8 
AP General Harry Taylor      
Completed 1944-5-8
PF Grand Island Completed 1944-5-27 
PF Pueblo Completed 1944-5-27 
AP General W.F.Hase Completed 1944-6-6 
AP General C.G.Morton Completed 1944-7-7 
AP General R.E. Callen Completed 1944-7-7 
AP General O.H.Ernst Completed 1944-7-15 
AP General E.T.Collins Completed 1944-7-20 
AP General M.L.Hersey Completed 1944-7-29 
AP General J.H.McRae Completed 1944-8-8 
APA Sarasota 1944-8-16 
AK Alamosa Completed 1944-9 
AK Alcona Completed 1944-9-15 
APA Sherburne Completed 1944-9-20 
AP General W.C. Langfitt Completed 1944-9-30 
APA Sibley Completed 1944-10-2 
APA Mifflin Completed 1944-10-11 
APA Tazewell Completed 1944-10-25 
APA Missoula Completed 1944-10-27 
AK Antrim Completed 1944-10-31 
APA Talladega Completed 1944-10-31 
APA Telfair Completed 1944-10-31 
APA Montrose Completed 1944-11-2 
APA Natrona Completed 1944-11-8 
APA Navarro Completed 1944-11-15 
APA Mountrail Completed 1944-11-16 
APA Neshoba Completed 1944-11-16 
APA New Kent Completed 1944-11-22 
AK Autaga Completed 1944-11-24 
APA Noble Completed 1944-11-27 
APA Okaloosa Completed 1944-11-28 
APA Okanogan Completed 1944-12-3 
APA Oneida Completed 1944-12-4 
APA Pitt Completed 1944-12-11 
APA Randall Completed 1944-12-16 
APA Lanier Completed 1944-12-22 
APA Bingham Completed 1944-12-23 
AK Beltrami Completed 1945-1-4 
AP General Omar Bundy Completed 1945-1-6 
AK Blount Completed 1945-1-26 
AP General R.M.Blatchford      
Completed 1945-1-26 
AK Brevard Completed 1945-2-19 
AP General LeRoy Eltinge Completed 1945-2-21 
AK Bullock Completed 1945-3-2 
AP General M.B.Stewart Completed 1945-3-3 
AK Caledonia Completed 1945-3-13 ,
AP General A.W.Greely \Completed 1945-3-22 
AK Fairfield Completed 1945-3-28 
AP General H.F.Hodges Completed 1945-4-6
AK Gadsden Completed 1945-4-7 
AK Cabell Completed 1945-4-11 
AP General C.H.Muir Completed 1945-4-12 
AK Flagler Completed 1945-5-18 

In addition to the warships listed above, Richmond completed over 661 ships (mostly Liberty Ships and Victory Ships, but also LSTs and C1 cargo ships) for the Maritime Commission.

Rail connections



Oil pipeline connections


Mare Island


"Building the Navy's Bases in World War II" (1947; accessed 2012-6-30) (accessed 2012-6-30)

Lane (1951)
Stanton (2006)

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