Digital relief map of Rendova

Rendova (157.35E 8.48S) is an island south of Munda Point on New Georgia, about halfway up the Solomons chain. It is about twenty miles (30 km) long and its northern end is dominated by a 3448' (1050 meter) volcanic peak. Rendova Harbor, off the northwest coast ofthe island, is the best natural anchorage in the New Georgia group.

Rendova was seized on 30 June 1943 in the opening stages of Operation TOENAILS, the New Georgia campaign. Cover was provided by a combined bombardment and minelaying mission against the Shortland Islands the previous evening by Merrill's task force. After two companies of 172 Regimental Combat Team secured the tiny islets at the entrance to Rendova Harbor, the remainder of the regimental combat team and an artillery unit were landed at Rendova Harbor within artillery range of Munda Field. The Rendova landings were opposed by just 300 Japanese troops drawn from 229 Regiment and 6 Kure SNLF, who were quickly overcome. Coastal batteries at Munda expected the landings to occur there and did not open fire until it became clear the landings were to be at Rendova. Destroyer Gwin was damaged and withdrew and the batteries were silenced by destroyer gunfire.

Thereafter the Allied forces on Rendova provided artillery support for the advance on Munda and a PT boat base was set up in Rendova Harbor. This became the main naval base in the New Georgia group, but it was shut down in January 1945 as the Allied counteroffensive moved on far to the west.

Allied order of battle

TF 31 Amphibious Force (Turner and Hester)     
Only those units directly involved in the Rendova landings are listed below
Task Group 31.1 Western Group (Turner

Rendova Advance Unit
Carrying two companies of 172 Regimental Combat Team

APD Dent

APD Waters

1 Echelon (Turner)
Carrying most of 172 Regimental Combat Team

Transport Unit (Turner)

AK McCawley Crippled by aircraft and sunk by friendly fire

AK Arcturus

AP President Jackson

AP President Adams

AP President Hayes

AK Algorab

Destroyer Screen

DD Farenholt

DD Buchanan

DD McCalla

DD Ralph Talbot

DD Gwin Damaged by coastal batteries

DD Woodworth

DD Radford

DD Jenkins

Japanese order of battle

Elements, Southeast Detachment     
A total of perhaps 300 men
229 Regiment

6 Kure SNLF


Gilbert (2001)
Morison (1950)

Rottman (2002)

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