QC Sonar


24 kHz
Power 300 watts
Range 3635 yards
3324 meters
14 degrees

This sonar was installed on American destroyers beginning in 1934. By September 1939 it had equipped sixty destroyers and additional sets were being produced at the rate of 14 per year. Some 170 destroyers were equipped with sets by the time war broke out in the Pacific. It remained the standard destroyer sonar until 1944, when QGA began to be fitted to new destroyers. By then it was proving ineffective against higih-speed submarines and vulnerable to sonar countermeasures.

QC sent out a beam that was 14 degrees wide in the horizontal direction and so wide in the vertical direction that it gave no depth information. It operated at 24 kHz with a power of up to 300 watts, yielding a maximum range of 3,635 yards (3324m) under perfect conditions on a destroyer steaming at five knots. Range fell off sharply at speeds above ten knots and under realistic sea conditions.


Friedman (2004)

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