Oregon Shipbuilding yard

Lane (1951)

Though located some distance inland, Portland (122.717W 45.563N) was a major port because it was readily accessible to oceangoing vessels via the Columbia River.  Kaiser's Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation produced tankers at Swan Island Shipyard (8 ways) and Liberty Ships at St. Johns (11 ways) for the Maritime Commission. Many of the shipbuilders had previously worked for Kaiser on the Bonneville Dam.

ALCOA operated an aluminum smelting plant in Portland that was the largest in the western United States.

At the time war broke out, the city was garrisoned by 29 Engineer Regiment. Pendleton Field, a major military airfield, was located nearby (122.595W 45.575N). 64 Transport Wing had its headquarters here, and the field based 25 C-47s of 16 Transport Squadron, 52 B-25s of 17 Medium Bomber Group, and 75 P-40s of 55 Interceptor Group.

Rail connections



Vancouver, Oregon

Climate Information:

Elevation 154'

Temperatures: Jan 44/34, Apr 61/43, Jul 77/56, Oct 62/47, record 107/-2

Rainfall: Jan 19/6.2, Apr 14/2.8, Jul 3/0.5, Oct 12/3.3 == 41.8" per annum


Klein (2013)

Lane (1951)
Pearce and Smith (1990)
Wildenberg (1996)

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