Phoenix (112.074W 33.452N) was established in 1868 and remained a small farming town until the 1930s, when tourism began to fuel rapid growth. At the start of the war, it was just beginning the transition to an industrial center, with a population of about 75,000; the many airfields in the area helped fuel further growth and industrialization.

Construction of Falcon Field began in the summer of 1941. It was intended as a training field for British pilots and began flight operations in later September 1941. The field was still very primitive at the time. The plumbing for the water supply was in such poor shape that the pilots claimed to have lived on milk from the local farms during the first few months.

Fort McDowell was located in the hills northeast of Phoenix. 95 Coastal Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft), a semimobile force, arrived here on 21 December 1941.

Rail Connections

Highley Field

Luke Field


Climate Information:

Elevation 1083'

Temperatures: Jan 65/39, Apr 82/53, Jul 104/77, Oct 86/56, record 118/16

Rainfall: Jan 4/0.8, Apr 2/0.4, Jul 5/1.0, Oct 2/0.4 == 7.5" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

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