Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh (104.908E 11.569N) is a river port on the Mekong in what was then French Indochina. The Japanese based a large number of aircraft here for the assault on Malaya. These were 60 Ki-21 "Sally", 12 C5M2, 10 Ki-46 "Dinah", and 9 Ki-57 "Topsy" from 7 Air Brigade, 81 Recon Squadronand 12 Air Transport Squadron.

The city was bombed by 19 B-29 Superfortresses on 7 February 1945 as a target of opportunity.

Phnom Penh is now the capital of Cambodia.

Rail connections



Road connections

Kompong Chanang

Climate Information:

Elevation 39'

Temperatures: Jan 87/70, Apr 94/76, Jul 89/75, Oct 87/76, record 105/70

Rainfall: Jan 1/0.3, Apr 6/3.0, Jul 16/6.7, Oct 17/10.1 == 55.3" per annum


Craven and Cate (1952; accessed 2011-9-4)

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