PCE-827 Class, U.S. Submarine Chasers

Photograph of PCE-827 class submarine chaser

U.S. Navy. Via

Schematic diagram of PCE-827 class submarine chaser

ONI 222


Tonnage 860 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 184' by 33'1" by 9'5"
56.08m by 10.08m by 2.87m
Maximum speed       15.5 knots
Complement 99
Armament 1 3"/50 AA gun
4 40mm Bofors AA guns
2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1 depth charge thrower
Depth charges
2-shaft diesel (900 shp)
123 tons

The PCE-827s were completed in 1942-45.  They were beamy enough for good sea keeping and proved quite valuable as oceanic escorts.

The U.S. built 85 PCE (Patrol Craft Escort) during the war, of which 17 went to Britain for Lend-Lease.


ONI 222 (1945-9-1)

Worth (2001)

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