Oyodo, Japanese Light Cruiser

Photograph of Oyoda
Wikimedia Commons
Schematic of Oyoda
ONI 222


Tonnage 8164 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 630'3" by 54'6" by 19'6"
192.10m by 16.61m by 5.94m
Maximum speed       35 knots
Aircraft 1 Type 2 Model 1 catapult
2 seaplanes
Armament 2x3 6"/50 guns (150 shells/gun)
4x2 3.9"/65 AA guns
6x3 25mm/60 AA guns
6 depth charges
Protection 987 tons
2.4" (60mm) CNC belt
3" (75mm) side/2.4" (60mm) CNC front/0.6" (16mm) Dücol aft/2" (50mm) CNC overhead magazine box
1.2" (30mm) CNC middle deck over machine spaces
1.6" (40mm) CNC front/1.1" (28mm) Dücol sides/1.2" (30mm) CNC overhead conning tower
0.6" (16mm) Dücol uptakes
1.4" (35mm) CNC side/1" (25mm) CNC front/2" (50mm) aft/2" (50mm) CNC overhead bomb shed
1.6" (40mm) CNC side/0.8" (20mm) CNC forward/1" (25mm) CNC rear rudder compartment
2" (50mm) CNC bulkheads
1" (25mm) NVNC turret
0.8" (20mm) CNC barbettes
4-shaft Kanpon geared turbines (110,000 shp)
6 Kanpon boilers
Bunkerage 2360 tons fuel oil
Range 10,600 nautical miles (19,600 km) at 18 knots
Type 93 Model 3 sonar
1944: Hangar converted to flag quarters.
By the end of the war, the light AA armament was 12x3, 16x1 25mm guns and radar had been installed.

was a uniquely Japanese experiment:  It was a light cruiser intended to sail with a submarine squadron and provide reconnaissance. Its main armament was crowded into two triple turrets forward to leave room aft for a hangar capable of holding 4 large seaplanes, with deck stowage for two more. However, the E15K1 program was unsuccessful and only two E13A Jake seaplanes were ever shipped operationally.  With the main turrets crowded forward, a separate armored box was provided for the magazines. The ship otherwise resembled an Agano.

Oyodo was the only ship of its class, a sister (Niyodo) being canceled before being laid down. Oyodo herself was commissioned on 28 February 1943. The ship had the centerline bulkhead found in many Japanese warships, and fears that this bulkhead was counterproductive were realized on 28-29 July 1945 at Kure. Very near misses from aircraft flooded the starboard machinery spaces and capsized the ship before counterflooding could take effect. She sank the next day.

Photo Gallery

Oyodo seen bow on


Oyodo capsized at anchorage

U.S. Navy

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