Omori Sentaro (1894-1974)

Photograph of Omori Sentaro

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Omori Sentaro was born in Kumamoto prefecture and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1913. He became a torpedo expert and held several destroyer commands. He commanded battleship Ise in 1939-1940 and was promoted to rear admiral in 1940.

Omori commanded Destroyer Squadron 1 at the start of the Pacific war.  This force accompanied the Pearl Harbor Attack Force and also participated in the Indian Ocean raid. He directed the occupation of Attu during the Midway campaign, and subsequently rose to rank of vice admiral and command of Cruiser Division 5.  He was ordered to attack the American transports off Bougainville in early November 1943, which led to a decisive Japanese defeat at the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay.  His heavy cruisers narrowly escaped serious damage in an air raid at Rabaul the next day, escaping to Truk. He was subsequently relieved of his command for failing to defeat an inferior force, and spent the remainder of the war in noncritical instructional and staff positions.

Omori was a quiet man with a somewhat shy demeanor.

Service record

1892-10-3   born in Kumamoto prefecture
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 16th in a class of 118. Assigned to AC Adzuma
1914-8-11   Kongo
1914-8-21   BB Iwami
1914-12-1 Ensign  
1915-2-12   Kongo
1916-6-1   Yamashiro
1916-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
1917-7-2   Member, Torpedo Boat Division 2
1917-12-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1918-5-20   Gunnery School Basic Course
1918-12-1   DD Shirayuki
1919-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1920-12-1   Commander, Torpedo Boat Division 15
1921-7-20   Ashi
1922-12-1   Nokaze
1923-12-1   Commander, DD Hibiki
1924-6-3   1 Naval District
1924-7-18   Haruna
1924-11-1   Instructor, Torpedo School
1925-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
1928-12-10   Staff, Combined Fleet
1930-11-15   Commander, Namikaze
1931-11-2   Commander, Yugiri
1932-12-1   Instructor,Torpedo School
1934-10-22   Commander, Destroyer Division 16
1934-11-15 Captain  
1935-11-15   Commander, Destroyer Division 21
1936-12-1   Navy General Staff
1936-12-5   Naval College Expert Course
1937-9-18   Commander, Kamikawa Maru
1937-12-1   Chief Instructor, Torp.School
1939-11-15   Commander, Ise
1940-10-15   Commander, Destroyer Squadron 1
1940-11-15 Rear admiral
1942-11-5   Navy General Staff
1942-11-10   Commander, Cruiser Division 5
1943-11-25   Schoomaster, Torpedo School
1944-5-1 Vice admiral
1944-9-13   Director, Special Attack Division, Navy Ministry
1945-8-10   Staff, Imperial General Headquarters
1945-8-20   Commander, 7 Fleet
1945-9-15   Navy General Staff
1974-12-24   Dies


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