Oita (131.656E 33.174N) was the capital of Oita prefecture and the location of a rail junction and an airfield on Kyushu. When war broke out, Oita Air Group with 76 A5M Claude and 45 B5M Mabel was based here. The city was also the center of a regimental district of 6 Division. The population in 1945 was about 61,000 persons.

The airfield was attacked by B-29s of XXI Bomber Command on 27 March 1945 as part of the kamikaze suppression effort in support of the Okinawa invasion. The raid was estimated to have destroyed 112,175 square feet (10,421 m2) of the airfield. Another nine raids were carried out in April and May. The city itself was struck by an incendiary raid on 16 July 1945 that 0.555 square miles (1.437 km2) or 25.2% of the city.

Rail connections






Craven and Cate (1952; accessed 2012-7-31)

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