Photograph of Clearfield Depot

U.S. Navy. Via

Ogden (111.991W 41.126N) is a town in northern Utah. Ogden Arsenal was established in 1935 and became the Army's largest quartermaster depot by 1943, when it employed 6000 persons.  Hill Field was located nearby (111.975W 41.124N), as was the Navy's enormous Clearfield Depot (112.028W 41.096N), which served to relieve congestion in the passes of the Rocky Mountains to the east. Clearfield Depot was constructed at a cost of $38,345,122 on an 841 acre (340 hectare) and had 8,602,000 square feet (799,200 m2) of storage space. Construction began on 22 June 1942, and the depot was opened on 10 April 1943.

Rail connections

Salt Lake City

East Coast


Bureau of Yards and Docks (accessed 2013-10-14)

Klein (2013)

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