O-16 Class, Dutch Submarines

Photograph of O-16 class submarine Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 984 tons standard displacement surfaced
1194 tons standard displacements submerged
Dimensions 251'1" by 21'6" by 13'
76.53m by 6.55m by 3.96m
Maximum speed       18 knots surfaced
9 knots submerged
Maximum dive
260 feet
80 meters
Complement 36
Armament 8 21" torpedo tubes (14 torpedoes)
1 3.5"/45 gun
2 40mm Bofors AA guns
2-shaft M.A.N. diesel
10,000 nautical miles at 12 knots (surfaced)
26 nautical miles at 8.5 knots (submerged)
Atlas hydrophone

The O-16 was completed in 1936. It used novel construction techniques, with 49% of its riveting replaced by welding. It was intended for use in home waters and was the first Dutch submarine equipped with the superior Atlas hydrophones. It was also the first submarine in the world equipped with a snorkel system.

O-16 was in Karimata Strait (108.861E 2.324S) when war broke out. She was lost on 15 December 1941.

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