North Island

Digital relief map of San Diego

Photograph of North Island in March 1940

Natinal Archives #80-CF-2115-10

North Island (117.191W 32.706N) is located across San Diego Bay from the city itself. It was one of the most important naval base complexes in the U.S. at the time war broke out in the Pacific. The base was protected by 1 Marine Defense Battalion  with 6 5" (127mm) coastal defense guns and  9 3" (76mm) antiaircraft guns. North Island Naval Air Station, established in 1917, boasted of being the "birthplace of naval aviation" and based 2 Marine Aircraft Wing and VP-13 with a sizeable assortment of training aircraft. Submarine Division 41 was also based here. 

Rail connections

Ream Field


Stanton (2006)

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