Netherlands East Indies Naval Forces

Photograph of De Ruyter

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The Dutch squadron in the Netherlands East Indies had nothing heavier than a light cruiser.  However, the ships were on the alert and at sea when war broke out, and Dutch submarines would be the first Allied naval units to draw blood.

The naval forces were organized into three Sea Forces (Zeemacht Nederlands-Indië). The Netherlands Indies Navy (Nederlands Indie Marine) controlled the submarine and mine warfare forces; Netherlands Indies Squadron (Nederlands Indië Eskader) controlled the cruisers and destroyers; and Militarized Government Navy (Gemilitairiseede Gouvernementsmarine) was the customs and patrol service, somewhat analogous to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Dutch order of battle,  7 December 1941:

Netherlands East Indies Naval Forces (Helfrich; at Batavia)      

Royal Netherlands Navy East Indies Squadron (Doorman)

Task Force One (Doorman; off Paternoster Island)

CL De Ruyter

CL Tromp

DD Van Ghent

DD Kortenaer

DD Piet Hein

DD Witte de With

DD Banckert

Task Force Two (Sunda Strait en route Singapore)

CL Java

DD Evertsen

DD Van Nes

Netherlands East Indies Navy (at Batavia)

NEI Submarine Flotilla (at Surabaya)

AS Zuiderkruis




Submarine Division 1

SS O-16 (Karimata Strait)

SS K-XVII (north of Singapore)


Submarine Division 2


SS K-XI (north of Singapore)

SS K-XII (north of Singapore)

SS K-XIII (north of Singapore)

Submarine Division 3

SS K-XIV (South China Sea)

SS K-XV (South China Sea)

SS K-XVI (South China Sea)

Submarine Division 4

SS O-19 (South China Sea)

SS O-20 (South China Sea)

Mine Service (at Surabaya)

CM Gouden Leeuw (at Tarakan)

CM Prinz Van Oranje

CM Krakatau

CM Pro Patria (at Palembang)

CM Serdang

CM Willem van der Zaan (Lingga)

CM Rigel

Minesweeper Division 3

AMc Alor

AMc Aroe

AMc Bantam

AMc Bogor

AMc Ceram

AMc Cheribon

Minesweeper Division 4 (at Surabaya)

AMc Djember

AMc Djombang

AMc Djampea

AMc Enggano

AMc Endeh

Torpedo Division (at Surabaya)

PT TM-4 to TM-15

AO Aldegonda

AO Benakat (4763 tons, 10 knots)

AO Djirak (4325 tons, 10knots)

AO Josefina

AO Juno (2741 tons, 9 knots)

AO Paula (2700 tons, 12 knots)

AO Pendopo (7150 tons, 10 knots)

AO Petronella

AT Kraus

AT Pief

AT Gina

AT Jules

AT Nolly

AT Tata

AT Flip

AT Rolf

AT Hector

AT Paul

AT Teddy

AR Moeara Boelian

AH Op Ten Noort

Naval Aviation

GVT-1,4 (at Sambas)

3 Do-24

GVT-2 (at Sorong)

3 Do-24

GVT-3,6 (at Surabaya)

6 Do-24

GVT-5 (at Ternate)

3 Do-24

GVT-7 (at Tarakan)

3 Do-24

GVT-8 (at Lingga)

3 Do-24

GVT-16 (at Batavia)

3 Do-24

GVT-17 (at Ambon)
        3 Do-24


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