Netherlands East Indies Air Brigade

This headquarters controlled about 140 obsolete Dutch combat aircraft and another 80 support aircraft in the Netherlands East Indies. Some 36 of these were assigned to individual divisions and are listed under the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army order of battle.

Dutch order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Netherlands East Indies Air Brigade (Oyen; at Bandung)      
  2-VI.G.I (at Sinkawang)

  11 Martin Bombers

1-VI.G.V (at Sinkawang)

5 F2A3 Buffalo

1-VI.G.I  (at Samarinda)

11 Martin Bombers

I-1-VI.G.V (at Samarinda)

4 F2A3 Buffalo

II-1-VI.G.V (at Samarinda)

4 F2A3 Buffalo

IV-2-VI.G.IV (at Pattimura)

3 F2A3 Buffalo

1-VI.G.III (at Seletar)

10 Martin Bombers

3-VI.G.III (at Seletar)

8 Martin Bombers

2-VI.G.V (at Seletar)

12 F2A3 Buffalo

2-VI.G.III (at Kalidjati)

8 Martin Bombers

1-VI.G.II (at Malang)

11 Martin Bombers

2-VI.G.II (at Malang)

11 Martin Bombers

1-VI.G.IV (at Bandung)

13 P-36 Hawk

2-VI.G.IV (at Bandung)

9 P-36 Hawk


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Willmott (1982)

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