Nazan Bay

Photograph of Nazan Bay in 1895


Nazan Bay (174.188W 52.234N) was a typical undeveloped Aleutian anchorage located at Atka Island, whose climate was dominated by the interaction of the warm Kuroshio Current (the Pacific Gulf Stream) with the frigid Oyashio Current coming through the Bering Strait. The weather was uniformly chilly all year around but the great peril was the fierce winds and the frequent fog, the latter arising from the flow of air warmed and moistened by the Kuroshio Current across cold Arctic water.

Climate Information:

Elevation 26'

Temperatures: Jan 37/30, Apr 42/32, Jul 55/44, Oct 47/37, record 76/12

Rainfall: Jan 21/6.4, Apr 18/4.9, Jul 16/5.3, Oct 23/7.4 == 69.3" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

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