Nakazawa Tasuku (1894-1977)

Photograph of Nakazawa Tasuku

Wikimedia Commons

Nakazawa Tasuku held a number of high staff positions and briefly commanded an air fleet late in the war. He argued passionately for permitting Combined Fleet to carry out the Sho-go operation against the overwhelming strength of the American Pacific Fleet rather than become a fleet-in-being, as some in the Army wished.

Service record

1894-6-28   born
Armored cruiser Adzuma
1916-8-22   CL Chikuma
1916-12-1 Ensign  
1918-4-6   BB Ise
1918-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
Torpedo School Basic Course
1919-5-23   Gunnery School Basic Course
1919-12-1   Armored cruiser Tokiwa
1920-6-2   DD Kashi
1920-12-9   DD Sugi
1921-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1922-12-1   DD Hishi
1923-5-1   Armored cruiser Asama
1924-4-10   Executive officer, DD-15
1924-12-1   Staff, Submarine Squadron 1
1925-12-1   Naval College "A" Course
1927-12-1 Lieutenant commander
1928-12-10   Commander, DD Asagao
1929-11-30   Staff, 2 Fleet
1930-11-15   Staff, 1 Fleet
1932-1-11   Naval attaché, United States
1932-12-1 Commander  
1934-3-10   Navy General Staff
1936-11-2   Staff, Combined Fleet
1936-12-1 Captain
1937-12-1   Chief, S2, N1, Navy General Staff
1940-10-15   Commander, CA Ashigara
1941-7-25   Chief of staff, 5 Fleet
1942-11-1 Rear admiral
Director, Bureau of Personnel, Navy Ministry
1943-6-15   Chief, N1, Navy General Staff
1944-12-5   Staff, 2 Air Fleet
1944-12-20   Commander, 21 Air Flotilla
1945-2-5   Commander, Taiwan Air Group
1945-5-10   Chief of staff, 1 Air Fleet
1945-6-15   Chief of staff, Takao Guard District
1945-11-1 Vice admiral
1977-12-22   Dies


Cutler (1994)
Materials of IJN (accessed 2012-11-2)

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