Mori Kunizo (1890-1949)

Mori Kunizo commanded Combined Sasebo SNLF during the capture of Makassar, when a number of prisoners of war were beheaded. In May 1944 he commanded Chichi-jima Base Force, where he was promoted to vice admiral. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for cannibalism of American airmen on Chichi Jima, where he lectured his colleagues on the medicinal value of human liver, an idea he appears to have picked up in China. He was also implicated in the murder of prisoners of war at Kendari and the cannibalism of captured airmen at Rabaul. He was hanged by the Dutch for the atrocities committed in the Netherlands East Indies early in the war.

Service record

1912-7-17 Midshipman     
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 23rd in a class of 144. Assigned to CL Adzuma
1913-5-1   CL Yakumo
1913-12-1 Ensign  
1915-12-13 Lieutenant junior grade
Torpedo School Basic Course
1916-6-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1916-12-1   DD Hatsuyuki
1918-5-1   DD Kiri
1918-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1919-12-1   DD Sakura
1921-2-10   DD Susuki
1921-11-10   CL Asama
1922-4-15   DD Numakaze
1923-6-30   DD Tanikaze
1923-11-10   CL Oi
1924-12-1   Torpedo School Expert Course
1925-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Instructor, Torpedo School
1929-11-30   Staff, Bureau of Supplies, Yokosuka
1931-5-1   Staff, Chinkai Guard District
1931-12-1 Commander  
1933-10-20   Commander, PG Ataka
1935-10-15   Executive officer, BB Nagato
1936-1-16   2 Naval District
1936-4-1   Executive officer, CA Atago
1936-11-2   Commander, AO Sata
1936-12-1 Captain  
1937-12-1   Commander, Interim Defense Force
1938-12-15   Commander, AGP Nihonkai Maru
1939-4-1   Commander, 4 Defense Force
1939-11-15   Commander, Saiki Defense Force
1940-11-15   Commander, 1 Defense Force
1941-9-15   3 Naval District
1941-11-20   Commander, Combined Sasebo SNLF
1942-3-10   Commander, 23 Base Force, Makassar
1942-5-1 Rear admiral
1942-12-21   Commander, Yokosuka Guard Force
1943-8-24   Staff, 8 Fleet
1943-9-9   Commander, 7 Auxiliary Base Force, Lae
1943-10-25   Staff, 8 Fleet
1943-11-15   1 Naval District
1944-2-15   Commander, Chichi-jima Base Force
1945-5-1 Vice admiral
1949-4-22   Executed for war crimes


Fuller (1992)

Kehn (2008)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-6-5)
Russell (1958)

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