Mizukami Genzu (-1944)

Mizukami commanded the subborn defense of Myitkyina town after the airfield was seized by Merrill's Marauders. After ordering his men to retreat from the town, he committed suicide in order to literally comply with an order drafted by the notorious Tsuji Masanobu that "Major-General Mizakumi will defend Myitkyina to the death" (Allen 1984). He had just received a double promotion to full general, normally a posthumous honor.

Mizukami was described by "comfort women" freed by the Americans at Myitkyina as "a good, kind man and a fine soldier, with the utmost consideration for those who worked under him" (U.S. Army 1944). He was never a customer of the comfort women.

Service record

Major general     
Commander, Infantry Group, 56 Division
Commits suicide


Allen (1984)

Romanus and Sunderland (1954; accessed 2010-12-27)

U.S. Army (1944; accessed 2010-12-27)

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