Mines Field

Mines Field (118.408W 33.943N) was the ancestor of Los Angeles International Airport. Inspired by the success of Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight, the city of Los Angeles signed a ten-year lease for the site on 26 September 1927. However, the airfield was overshadowed by Lockheed Field at Burbank until the 1940s. The field was purchased outright by the city in 1937, when the field's official name became Los Angeles Airport. Construction of new facilities was slowed by the Pacific War, but were completed by the end of 1946. Even in its incomplete state, the field was heavily used by the military and by North American Aviation.

Rail connections

El Segundo

Santa Monica


California State Military Museum (accessed 2013-9-3)

Masters (2012-7-25; accessed 2013-9-3)

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