Digital relief map of Maloelap Atoll

Mili (171.732E 6.088N) is an atoll in the southern Marshall Islands. Twenty miles (30 km) long and ten miles (16 km) across, it possessed a sizeable lagoon, with an area of 293 square miles (759 km2). By September 1943 the Japanese had completed an airfield with two 1200-meter (1310-yard) runways. This was the only Japanese airfield within fighter range of the Ellice Islands, and fighters from Mili escorted some of the Japanese strikes against the Ellices.

The atoll was bypassed by the Allies after their capture of Kwajalein in February 1944. Thereafter a few supplies arrived by submarine, but at the cost of I-32 and I-184. By the time of the surrender, the 4700 men stranded on the atoll suffered 1600 deaths from disease, starvation, or food poisoning, and another 900 were killed or died of wounds received in air raids.


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