Mikura Class, Japanese Patrol Boats

Photograph of Mikura-class patrol boat

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Tonnage 940 tons standard
Dimensions 258'6" by 29'7" by 10'0"
78.79m by 9.02m by 3.05m
Maximum speed       19.5 knots
Complement 150
Armament 3 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
4 25mm AA guns
1 3" A/S mortar
12 depth charge throwers (120 depth charges)
2-shaft diesel (4200 bhp)
Range 5000 nautical miles (9000km) at 16 knots
Modifications 1944-1945: Armament was 14 to 18 25mm AA guns. Type 13 and 22 radar and Type 93 sonar were added.
1945: Minesweeping gear replaced with additional depth charges

Also called "Type B coastal defense ships," the Mikuras were improved Shimushus with heavier antisubmarine armament and a simpler design. WIth a loadout of 120 depth charges, later increased to perhaps as many as 300, these ships may be the units that were feared by American submariners as "Chidori pingers."

Units in the Pacific:


Completed 1943-10-30 (Tsurimi)      

Missing from 1945-5-2 off Formosa
Miyake       Completed 1943-11-30 (Tsurumi)
Awaji       Completed 1944-2-15 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)       Torpedoed 1944-6-2 off Formosa by Guitarro
Kurahashi       Completed 1944-3-10 (Tsurumi)
Nomi Completed 1944-3-15 (Tsurumi) Torpedoed 1945-4-14 near 126.3E 23.4N by Tirante
Chiburi       Completed 1944-5-13 (Tsurumi) Sunk by aircraft 1945-1-12 off Cap St Jacques
Yashiro Completed 1944-6-3 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Kusagaki       Completed 1944-7-1 (Tsurumi)       Torpedoed 1944-8-7 off Manila by Guitarro

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