Medan (98.667E 3.583N) is located 15 miles from the mouth of the Deli River in northwestern Sumatra. It was founded in the 1880s to serve as the capital of Sumatra and had an economy founded on nearby tobacco and rubber plantations. Its port is the coastal city of Belawan. There was an airfield here in 1941 and the town was guarded by North Sumatra Regiment. The population in 1941 was about 76,600 persons, of whom perhaps 4000 were Europeans.

The city was occupied by elements of Imperial Guards Division, which landed unopposed on 12 March 1942 and quickly moved inland.

Rail connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 77'

Temperatures: Jan 85/71, Apr 89/73, Jul 89/72, Oct 86/72, record 96/63

Rainfall: Jan 11/5.4, Apr 10/5.2, Jul 9/5.3, Oct 17/10.2 == 67.8" per annum


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