Mayasan Maru Class, Japanese Landing Craft Depot Ships


Tonnage 9500 tons standard displacement
459'1" by 62'4" by 23'1"
139.93m by 19.00m by 7.04m
Maximum speed       20.8 knots
6 75mm AA guns
20 13mm/76 AA machine guns
20 Daihatsu landing craft
Diesel (10,800 shp)

The Mayasan Marus were motor ships converted to landing craft depot ships on the ways. They had stern doors for launching landing craft.

Units in the Pacific:

Mayasan Maru     
Completed 1942-12-14 (Mitsui-Tamano)     
Torpedoed 1944-11-17 in East China Sea by Picuda
Tamatsu Maru     
Completed 1944-1-20 (Mitsui-Tamano)
Torpedoed 1944-8-19 off Luzon by Spadefish

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