Photograph of Madang airfield following Allied liberation

Australian War Memorial #P02257.055

Madang (145.80E 5.22S) is located north of the Huon Peninsula of northeastern New Guinea, and was the district capital of the Madang district of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea. It had a usable but largely undeveloped anchorage.

The town was bombed by the Japanese on 21 January 1942 as part of the preparations for their move against Rabaul two days later. However, Madang itself was not occupied until 1 January 1943. The Japanese completed an airfield in February 1943, and began work on a road to Lae in April. This was intended to supply the forward Japanese forces in northeast New Guinea, which could not longer receive supplies by barge due to Allied air superiority.

Following the seizure of Saidor and the collapse of the Japanese position in the Huon Peninsula,  Australians drove the Japanese rearguard out of the town on 24 April 1944.


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